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SAP Simple Finance gives an accounting solution fueled by SAP HANA. S/4 HANA fund accompanies finance and accounting administration strategies and backings operations proficiently. With SAP S/4 HANA Finance, you have the accompanying releases:

SAP S/4HANA Finance 1605
SAP S/4HANA Finance, On-Premise Edition 1503
SAP Simple Finance Add-On for SAP Business Suite controlled by SAP HANA
Note: SAP Simple Finance is likewise called SAP S/4 HANA Finance. With the release of 1605, SAP Simple Finance is just known as S/4 HANA Finance and this will be the main name of various releases of SAP Simple Finance.
During the installation of SAP S/4 HANA Finance, multiple front-end and back-end components get installed.

SAP Simple Finance ─ Deployment Options

You can extend a simple finance system either on-premise or in a cloud environment. When you deploy central finance system in cloud deployment synopsis, the data replication is performed using the corresponding devices that are used in on-premise installations - SLT. To perform data replication by means of SLT, SLT segments should be accessible on both, the sending (on-preface) and the getting system(cloud).
Non-SAP reporting and analytics, and extra SAP Simple Finance, or accomplice items should be connected with the cloud example or be made accessible to the cloud installation as required.

SAP Simple Finance ─Key Features

Following features are available for SAP Simple Finance –

Financial Planning and Analysis

Using SAP Simple Finance, businesses can use it to plan, forecast, and budget as an ongoing procedure. With the use of Predictive Analysis, you can forecast the impact of business choices on the financial reports of the association.

Accounting and Finance

With the use of advance Finance and Accounting features, associations can meet the legal terms and make the financial reports on time.

 Financial Risk Management

Using auspicious Analysis, companies can find the risk in financial processes at an advanced stage and device ways to relieve them. It is easy to find the best possible investment rates as per market standards.

Risk and Compliance Management

 Using strong financial processes, it is easy to prevent unlawful access to sensitive data in the organization. It is easy to identify fraud and abuse, and organizations can proactively balance the risk for all the financial processes.

SAP Simple Finance ─ Architecture

SAP Simple Finance provides large cost and time-saving to oversee finance and accounting by leveraging the computing power of SAP HANA. The universal journal connects all the advanced qualities of accounting components. In the previous SAP Finance Accounting tool, all the components are independently managed due to technical limitations without HANA platform.

Before SAP Simple Finance there were a considerable measure of difficulties, for example, -

• Different level of points of interest put away in particular segments/tables
• To move the data to proper table for reporting reason
• Multiple BI extractors to analyze full information in BI
• Reconciliation required for all segments

Key Features of the New Architecture

Following components are given new SAP Simple Finance design -
• Multidimensional giving an account of the Universal journal without performing data replication to BI.
• Universal Journal as one-line thing table with full detail for every one of the segments. No compromise is required and information is put away just once
• Improved basic capacities of the financial arrangement - multi GAAP, extra monetary forms, and so forth.
• Support for the current ABAP projects or reports to earlier tables with perusing access.

Following tables are supplanted by similarity sees in the new architecture –

Index Tables Removed: 

•    BSIS - Index for G/L account
•    BSAD - Index for Customers (Cleared Items)
•    BSIK - Index for Vendors
•    BSAS - Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)
•    BSAK - Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
•    BSID - Index for Customers

Other Tables Removed: 

•    ANEP - Fixed Assets: Line Items
•    COEP - Cost Line Items

Aggregate Tables Removed: 

    LFC1 - Vendor Master (Transaction Figures)
•    GLT3 - Summary Data Preparation for Consolidation
•    GLT0 - General Ledger Totals   
•    KNC1 - Customer Master (Transaction Figures) 

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